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Altisan Ⅱ


Altisan Ⅱ

¥ 4 9, 5 0 0 -

( taxin )

price      :    

size        : 3.9×3×12.5(W×D×H)cm

material: 石粉粘土、鉱石粉末、自然土(恵那土)、  stone powder clay, ore powder, natural soil(Ena soil)

今年で3回目となるkairai galleryでの個展
altisanはgallery ornerのmainshop"signal"における大切な要素。初年度に始めてaltisanを作品として作りましたが、こちらは2024年、今の思いで向き合ったaitisanです

Third solo exhibition this year at kairai gallery
Artisan is an important element of Gallery Orner's main store, SIGNAL. Artisan works were also created in the first year of the exhibition, and the work on display this time is an aitisan created in 2024 with current thoughts and feelings.

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